You know the feeling when you’re completely absorbed in a movie?

A good movie tells a story that allows the viewer to suspend reality as they’re plunged into the life and experience of a complete stranger, place, or thing. But besides a compelling story, great actors, and state of the art special effects, a movie’s musical score can further heighten the movie-watching experience.

Scores enrich and keep a story moving. They heighten dramatic and intense scenes and leave us on the edges of our seats. A score can bring us to tears when a character is experiencing hardship. When the poor kids manage to escape from pirates and bring home the lost treasure thus saving their ramshackle home (guess the movie), the music that accompanies it can fill your heart with so much joy that you find yourself trying to hide happy tears from your fellow movie watchers.

Ghostbusters dancing

Why am I writing about this?

I like to think we’re all living the epic extended director’s cut bio-pics of our own lives. But sadly, most of us don’t have musical scores following us around to enrich the day. Moreover, for those of us who spend most of our days in front of a computer, there’s no montage to fast-forward to the point we finish the code we’re working on, fix that bug, or make all our tests pass. Imagine how those experiences might change when accompanied by musical scores!

However you like to consume music - from an iTunes library, favorite CD (some of us still own these), or streaming service - the latest hiphopopraparazzirockerjam might be awesome, but what if you could transform all the hours you send programming, into a truly epic movie-like moments?

Working hard

Today, I present you with a series of Spotify playlists designed to make your days more epic - whether you’re a programmer, designer, product manager, or ringette coach - while I’ll relate the playlists here to programming - they’ll likely work for almost any life experience. You’re welcome.

The playlists linked below are on Spotify which is free (if you don’t mind ads) and can be enjoyed on your computer or favorite mobile device. The playlists are all public. Follow them, enjoy them, and suggest additions to them!

Scores for Drama/Intensity

Try coding to the intense/drama playlist which includes pieces from from Skyfall and Mission Impossible, for example. That bug you’re fixing or code you’re trying to refactor is transformed to make you feel like you’re hacking the mainframe or defusing a bomb!

Soundtrack for your life - Drama/Intensity Playlist

Scores for Curiousity

Doing some research or starting to flesh out a project? Try the curiosity playlist for playful, light-hearted music that will make you feel like you’re getting ready to begin a great journey or start training to make the schools varsity ringette team!

Soundtrack for your life - Curiosity

Scores for Growth/The Journey

The Journey playlist are the montages of your programming experiences. Building out the game loop of your next best-selling iOS hit, working on a new feature or writing tests for your favorite open source project? These songs will remind you of training to win the title match when no one believed in you.

Scores for Growth/The Journey

Scores for Melancholy/Introspection/Dark Times

If you’re having a rough day, just had your dream feature scrapped from the product backlog, or want to wallow a bit as your untangle ten year old PHP that your boss’ nephew wrote “in a weekend because he’s a genius”? The melancholy/introspective playlist is for you. I can’t promise you won’t shed a tear.

Scores for Melancoly/Introspection

Scores for Triumph/Winning

Are you getting ready to ship some code? Just finish work on a tricky algorithm? Getting a pull request accepted by your favorite ringette coaching software open source project? The triumph/winning playlist includes songs of victory!

Scores for Triumph/Winning

Now put on your headphones, queue up one of these playlists and experience the truly epic coding experience. More playlists are on the way. Please submit score ideas and criticism in the comments below!