Upgrading Alfred with the PowerPack gives you access to some really great features, the best of which are workflows. Workflows extend the functionality of Alfred by allowing you to connect more directly with apps and web services. Alfred has a thriving community who create and share new workflows every day and many of them are aimed at streamlining the work of developers. So in this post, I present 10 of the best workflows to add to your development toolkit.


Alfred Workflow - Dash

Dash is a documentation browser that gives you quick access to docs for languages, libraries, and tools. You can save code snippets and bookmark documentation you use frequently.

When you’ve integrated Dash with Alfred, you just type dash and the term you want to look up in your documentation sources. Alfred’s result list will show links to Dash documentation matches. When you select one, Dash will pop up with documentation on that topic.

Learn more about Dash integration with Alfred

Homebrew & Cask

Alfred Workflow - Homebrew

Homebrew is the ultimate package manager for OS X. It allows you to install and manage tools like Ruby, Sinatra, and ImageMagick from a simple command line interface. Homebrew Cask is an extension of Homebrew that allows you to use that same command line interface to manage OS X applications.

The Homebrew & Cask workflow gives you access to brew and cask commands directly from Alfred. When you run one of these commands in Alfred, your terminal application opens and completes the task. Easy!

Useful Brew Commands

brew install <pkg name> Install a new package
brew uninstall <pkg name> Uninstall an existing package
brew search <pkg name> Find a package on brew
brew list List all installed packages
brew update Update existing brew packages
brew upgrade Upgrade existing brew packages
brew doctor Run tests on your brew installation and solve configuration issues
brew info <pkg name> Get info about installed packages

Useful Cask Commands

cask install <app name> Install an application
cask uninstall <app name> Uninstall an application
cask search <app name> Searche for an app in cask
cask list List all installed casks
cask update Update installed casks
cask home <app name> Open the homepage of a cask

Learn more & install the Homebrew & Cask Workflow


Alfred Workflow - Github - My Repositories

I spend a lot of time on Github managing my repos and learning about other people’s projects as well. So it’s nice to have a way to quickly jump to various projects on Github through Alfred.

To use this workflow, you’ll have to set up basic authentication so the workflow can access the Github API. There are easy instructions for this on the workflow’s Github page.

Once it’s set up, you can run the following commands:

git search <query> Search all Github repos
git my <query> Search your own Github repos
git star <query> Search your starred Github repos
gist <query> Search your Gists
gist create Creates a new Gist

Learn more & install the Github Workflow

Package Managers

Alfred Workflow - Package Managers - apm

Package managers allow you to manage apps, libraries, and frameworks from the command line. There are tons of package management systems available and this Workflow attempts to give you access to as many of them as possible.

Some of the Package Managers include: apm, bower, cocoapods, docker, ruby gems, grunt, gulp, npm, pear, puppet, yo. Check out the documentation for specific commands and modifiers.

Learn more & install the Package Managers Workflow


Alfred Workflow - man

There are so many wonderful tools you can access via the command line and many of us only scratch the surface of their power. In this workflow, you can use the Unix command man (short for manual) to access manual pages for various Unix utilities. The workflow opens a Terminal window, HTML page, or PDF for any UNIX command.

man <query> Open the man page for the specified utility in your terminal
hman <query> Open a man page in Safari
pman <query> Open a man page as a PDF

Learn more & install the man Workflow


Alfred Workflow - Colors

The Colors workflow is really helpful when you need color codes in various formats. Hexadecimal, RBG, HSL, named colors, NSColor, and UIColors are all supported. Just enter a color notation and the result list will present that color codes in all other formats. Hitting enter on a selected color format pastes it into your front-most application, while pressing CMD+C will copy the selected format to the clipboard.

Learn more & install the Colors Workflow

Font Awesome

Alfred Workflow - Font Awesome

Font Awesome is a great icon font/CSS toolkit. As of this writing, there are 585 icons in Font Awesome, so it can be tricky to remember the codes for each one. Rather than hunting down the icon code you need on the website, the Font Awesome workflow lets you search icons incrementally. The result list shows the names of matched icons. If you hit enter on a selection, it will paste the code to your front-most application.

Learn more & install the Font Awesome Workflow


Alfred Workflow - caniuse.com

caniuse.com is a website that provides browser support information for CSS, HTML, SVG, and more. Wuth the caniuse.com workflow, just enter caniuse and the name of the element you want to look up. Matching elements on caniuse.com are shown in the result list. Selecting a result opens a browser tab with that element’s browser support information.

Learn more & install the caniuse.com Workflow


Alfred Workflow - Faker

When you’re testing forms or stubbing out data for applications you work on, it’s useful to test inputs with names and addresses other than your own. The Faker Workflow provides fake names, addresses, email addresses, and more. Just enter faker followed by the type of data you want, for example: faker name. The results (like ‘Malachi Kuphal’) are made available on the clipboard ready for pasting!

Learn more & install the Faker Workflow

Hacker News

Alfred Workflow - Hacker News

Hacker News provides tech-relevant news or a distraction from work (depending on how you look at it). You can get quick access to the latest stories from Hacker News with this workflow. Just enter, hn and the result list will display the titles of the latest news. Selecting a result loads that story in your browser.

Learn more & install the Hacker News Workflow

Want more?

What are you favorite workflows? Are there developer-centric workflows you love that I should know about? Connect with me on Twitter and let me know about your favorites!