There are so many Alfred workflows that offer awesome productivity boosts that I have to continue my Alfred blog post rampage. In this post, I’ll show you some Alfred workflows that make mundane everyday tasks easier and more fun!

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Toggle Wifi

Alfred Workflow - Toggle Wifi

When you’re on the go all day, it’s not always easy to find a power source to keep your laptop charged. So, it’s important to consider ways to conserve power while you work. One way to do that is by disabling Wifi when you’re not using it, so you’re machine isn’t constantly scanning for networks. This simple Alfred workflow lets you quickly toggle Wifi on and off with a simple command: wifi.

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Down for Everyone?

Alfred Workflow - Down for Everyone?

How many times have you tried to visit a site and find it’s unreachable, then in a frenzied panic search Twitter to see if everybody is having the same problem? The website, Down for Everyone or Just Me?, let’s you check the status of any site. This simple Alfred workflow let’s you check a website’s status with an easy to remember command, down <>, and the result is shown right in Alfred’s result list.

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Search Safari and Chrome Tabs

Alfred Workflow - Search Safari and Chrome Tabs

Let’s face it, all of us succumb to tab bloat at some point. Tab bloat is a condition wherein you, the web surfer, open so many tabs in your browser that you can’t see more than just the icon in the tab bar. The Search Safari and Chrome Tabs workflow helps you navigate that plethora of tabs by letting you search tabs with the command, tabs <query>.

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Alfred Workflow - Weather Forecast

Sometimes it’s just not possible to look out the window to check the weather. Rather than reaching for your phone’s weather app or opening YABT (yet another browser tab - hello, tab bloat?!), the Weather workflow provides current conditions and forecast details for your configured location. To get started with this workflow, you need to provide a location and default Weather unit (Celcius or Farenheit). Then type conditions for current weather at your location or forecast for your location’s forecast over the next few days!

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Alfred Workflow - Battery

Working away from a power source? When you’re without the security blanket that is your laptop’s power supply, it can be useful to have an easy way to check your battery status so you can find a place to charge before your power situation becomes dire. The Battery workflow provides you with battery charge details with the command, battery.

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Alfred Workflow - Reminders

There are many products aimed at helping you manage tasks. After trying countless apps over the years, I’ve settled on using OS X’s It’s UI is simple, intuitive, and with iCloud it’s easy to track tasks from your desktop machine or iOS device. The Reminders workflow makes it easy to manage your reminders right within Alfred. Check out the workflow’s website for all its commands, but a few quick ways to create commands are:

  • r add write a blog post
  • r on 11-12-2015 09:22 buy cider slushie
  • r tomorrow get on your bike and ride
  • r in 3 hours procrastinate some more about doing laundry
  • r in 3 days really do some laundry

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I hope you find these fantastic Alfred workflows useful in your own daily routines. If you have a favorite Alfred workflow (or any productivity advice), I want to hear about it. Connect with me on Twitter and share your favorites!