Good writing takes practice. It’s easy to get inundated with acronyms and emojis, but with Alfred’s help and a few simple tools, you can build your vocabulary and improve your confidence in your writing.


Alfred Dictionary

OS X has built-in dictionaries and with Alfred, you can quickly look up work definitions by toggling Alfred (OPT + Space) followed by the keyword, define and then the word you would like defined. The definition of matched words are displayed in Alfred’s result list.

Alfred Spelling Help

Another built-in Alfred feature is spelling. Just toggle Alfred, enter the keyword, spell followed by the closest spelling you know for the word you want. Alfred’s result list will show matches.

Hitting CMD + O for a spelling or definition result will open that word in the OS X

Hitting Enter on a result copies that word to your clipboard ready to be pasted into your documents.


For Alfred Power Pack users, there are even more writing tools at your disposal.

Synonyms & Antonyms

A synonym is a word/phrase that has almost or exactly the same meaning as another word/phrase. When you want to spice up your writing, it can be useful to look synonyms of words you commonly use. The synonyms workflow is triggered with the keyword, synonym followed by the word you want to look up. Alfred’s result list will show a list of synonyms ready to copy and paste into your document.

Alfred Workflow - Synonyms

The same workflow also offers the opposite tool, an antonyms look-up. Antonyms are words that mean the opposite of another word. Just enter antonyms andd the word you want to search, Alfred’s result list will display a list of antonyms.

Alfred Workflow - Antonyms Learn more & install the Synonyms workflow


Alfred Workflow - Say

Sometimes you might find yourself writing words that you don’t quite know how to pronounce. The Say workflow comes to the rescue with a tool that will pronounce words for you!

Just enter say followed the word you would like to have pronounced. Google’s Audio Pronunciation Service returns an mp3 of the word’s pronunciation.

Learn more and install the say workflow