There’s nothing like a keyboard shortcut to speed up your work and give you the feeling of mastery of a tool. Most of us learn some basic keyboard shortcuts for cut, copy, and paste, but resort to clumsy hunting and clicking with a mouse to perform actions in the software we use everyday. I decided to add a cheatsheet section to my site to serve as a keyboard shortcut reference for some of my favorite software and tools. I hope you’ll find it useful too!

Each cheatsheet has a specially formatted print version as well so you can have keyboard shortcuts ready to reference at your desk while you work!

Print version of cheatsheet

If you have a favorite software program or tool that you’d like to see added, find an error in one of the existing cheatsheets, or have ideas for improvements, you can get involved in this project too. Head over to the cheatsheets Github project and you’ll see different ways you can contribute.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll highlight a different cheatsheet each day and point out some of the best keyboard shortcuts to add your repertoire.

Happy shortcuts!

You're a computer whiz!