Trello is a list making app that I’m convinced can be used for organization of anything. Trello’s main UI elements include draggable lists and cards-based list items that can be dragged between lists and in order within a list. I’ve used Trello to plan weekly grocery shopping, bike build-outs, backlogs, design tasks, and so much more. You can assign people to cards, give them due dates, add images, checklists, comments, documents, vote, and even have untouched cards decay!

As with any other great tool, Trello has a simple set of keyboard shortcuts that can up your level of Trello mastery instantly.

You can check out the full Trello Cheatsheet here.

And below are a few of my favorite Trello shortcuts:

Space Assign a Card to Yourself
Q My Cards Filter (show cards assigned to me)
/ Focus Search Box
X Clear all Filters
S Subscribe to a Card
←→↑↓ Select Card
E Quick Edit Mode
C Archive Card