Google Sheets is the preferred spreadsheet tool for many businesses. And you can impress your number crunching colleagues by learning some useful keyboard shortcuts to help you control Google Spreadsheets like a pro.

You can check out the full Google Sheets Cheatsheet here.

And below are a few shortcuts to get you started:

⌃ Space Select column
⇧ Space Select row
⌃ ⇧ 1 Format as decimal
⌃ ⇧ 3 Format as date
⌃ ⇧ 4 Format as currency
⌃ ⇧ 5 Format as percentage
⌃ ⌥ I, then R Insert row above
⌃ ⌥ I, then W Insert row below
⌃ ⌥ I, then C Insert column to the left
⌃ ⌥ I, then G Insert column to the right
fn ← Move to beginning of row
⌘ fn ← Move to beginning of sheet
fn → Move to end of row
⌘ fn → Move to end of sheet
⌃ ~ Show all formulas