I dabbled with Atom when it was in beta, but it was slow and I couldn’t handle the frequent crashes and instability. But since it’s reached it’s 1.0 release, Atom is a joy to use and has become my default editor.

You can check out the full Atom Cheatsheet here.

And below are a few of my favorite Atom shortcuts:

⇧ ⌘ D Duplicate Lines
⌃ ⇧ K Delete Lines
⌃ G Go To Line
⌥ D Delete to End of Word
⌘ L Select Line
⌃ ⇧ W Select Word
⇧ ⌘ F Find in Project
⌃ ⌘ F Toggle Fullscreen
⇧ ⌘ P Toggle Command Palette
⌘ \ Toggle Tree View