JavaScript, PEGJS

A canvas with a horizontal line of triangles.

At Hacker School, I was looking for a project idea that I could work on long-term, would develop my programming skills, and be tied to art in some way. What I came up with is a project inspired by the work of Minimalist artist, Sol LeWitt. Sol Lewitt created a fascinating series of wall paintings and murals that were executed based on a set of written instructions.

My idea is to build an app that will allow a user to enter a set of instructions which will then be translated to artwork by the app. The project is still in its early stages, but got a basic structure set up and a first pass at the app which recognizes simple instructions. I’m using the parser, PEGJS, to help break down a set of instructions into steps to create the final piece of artwork.

As the app matures, I’d like to add features like the ability to save and share completed works with other people.

A yellow canvas with grey diagonal lines.

You can learn more about this project from my blog post, Introducing LeWittScript: A conceptualist art + code project

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